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Green Oaks Ranch
Green Oaks Ranch
Green Oaks Ranch

About Track One Events

Track One Events has built a show management business since 1993, focusing on equine events of various breeds and disciplines. Poncie and Larry Gimple have been part of the equine industry in various ways throughout both their lives. Larry's horsemanship skills and knowledge stem from a second generation horse training family. We manage and produce several events throughout the US and Canada. Our team is recognized for their friendly, but professional demeanor to both the exhibitor and trainer. We take pride in the tradition of the equine industry and strive to continue to protect its future growth for trainers, exhibitors and the love of the horse.


Our mission is to provide a rewarding and enriching experience, with a staff who consistently delivers pleasant, courteous, and efficient service while protecting the integrity and tradition of the industry.

Track One Events Staff
Track One Events Staff: Larry, Poncie, TJ and Lauren